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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lazy person...


looking back at my last's juz been a little while since the last day i wrote on this blog..what a terrible person am be truth...i'm really suck bout this particular part..especially when it comes to tidy up this "messy" page..thou i kept on9 myself on fb everyday...mybe it's true that i got a very2 bad disease...fb addiction...haha...or i'm juz a little bit less about this blogging i was an amature..n really i'm not the kind of person that knows how to be a good to really make readers attracted to read..judging it from my natural habit as i always kept things secret back in the old those time in school...but u've ever heard that never judge a book by its cover...when it comes to presentation time,step a side folks...let me stole the spotlight...mybe my old experience back there in the school taught me how to be a good presenter not a good words & points is juz like a toy for me to play....(i remembered how offen my classmates juz pushing away the duty to present about particular topic to me untill the teachers really bored saw the same particular person again & againcoming 4ward...^_^...haha...)...but that's juz how's life like a melody..u've got to learn the trick how to produce the rite melody..that cheer's up ur day..

opppsiiieee...time to go for bed rite now...tata...

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  1. nice entry bro...ehh..suke r dgn buble ko yg warne biru nie..ajar ley?